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Attorneys at Treleven and Klingensmith Law frequently successfully seal our client’s criminal records. We have experience sealing records in Hamilton, Butler, and Clermont Counties and numerous Mayor’s Courts, including, but not limited to, Fairfax Mayor’s Court, Mason Municipal Court, and Wyoming Mayor’s Court. Each Court and County handles expungement/sealing of records differently and we have the ability to navigate the sealing process for you. Typically, we have consultation, gather information needed to file an expungement/sealing, and file within the week. A hearing is typically 6 to 8 weeks after the application is filed. The Prosecutor will get a chance to object to the sealing. We typically handle the hearing without the client present and distribute the order granting the expungement/sealing. Clients typically do not even have to come to Court!

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Expungement vs. Sealing?

In Ohio, the terms expungement and sealing of criminal record are often used interchangeably.  The general outcome is the same: the general public cannot access your criminal record and you can say “No” if you are asked if you have a criminal conviction.

Reasons to get your Criminal Record Expunged:

There a many reasons a person may want her criminal record sealed, having a clean record can help you:


Obtain Employment
Obtain Student Loans and Grants
Obtain Housing
Obtain Credit
Obtain a Clean Background Check
And most important, under the eyes of law you can say you’ve never been convicted of a crime

How Do I Expunge My Criminal Record?

Treleven and Klingensmith Law is here to help. To seal a criminal record, a person must follow the law set forth in Ohio Revised Code 2953.32 and 2953.52. First, a person must be an eligible offender and a specific set of circumstances related to the conviction or non-conviction must be achieved. If a person is eligible and the specific circumstances are met, one of our attorneys will file a motion and other supporting documents to seal the client’s individual record. Our attorneys attend the hearing, make the argument for expungement, and handle any objection the Prosecutor might have. We typically do this without the client present.

What Happens After The Record Is Sealed?

After your record is sealed, notice of the entry granting the sealing is sent out all relevant Agencies, including, but not limited to the FBI and BCI (Bureau of Criminal Investigation). This notifies law enforcement that your record was sealed. Most employers, landlords, and educational institutions cannot access sealed records. Your local clerk of courts website will no longer show your sealed criminal charges.

Certain employers, officials, and agencies will also have access to your criminal record even if it’s sealed. For example, employers in law enforcement, schools, daycares etc. may be able to access your sealed record. Additionally, most licensing boards such as the State Medical Board and State Bar may access the records. Prosecutors, judges, and police may access the sealed record if you are involved in future criminal investigations.

Occasionally, commercial background-checking companies mistakenly disclose a sealed record. If this happens to you, TK Law is here to help.

What can be sealed? Am I an, “Eligible Offender?”

Ohio Senate Bill 66 expanded the eligibility requirements for sealing/expungement in Ohio and more can be sealed then ever before. The types of crimes that can be sealed are range from misdemeanors to felonies. There are a couple pathways to expungement/sealing and Attorneys at Treleven and Klingensmith will help determine which pathway you can take. Eligibility is determined by a number of factors such as the criminal conviction, one’s lifetime criminal record, the level of conviction (felony or misdemeanor), and the number of crimes one wishes to seal/expunge.

It is important to note that some non-convictions, dismissals, acquittals, and ignored charges can also be sealed.

Juvenile Sealing/Expungement:

Attorneys at Treleven and Klingensmith handle juvenile sealing and expungement. Some juvenile charges can be sealed (removed from public record) and then expunged (destroyed). Contrary to popular belief, a person’s juvenile record is not automatically sealed when they become an adult. The juvenile system functions differently than the adult system and we are here to help navigate the process.

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